A small sampling of Rebecca Johannsen’s work:

Women at War

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017IMG_8022_2

Devised from interviews conducted with women of the US Army’s Female Engagement Team (FET), Johannsen created, directed, and performed Women at War as a solo piece at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe. After critical and audience acclaim, plans are in the works for a 2018-2019 tour of the full production, co-directed with John Moletress.

★★★★A harrowing account.” –British Theatre Guide


The Fifth String by Janet Sternburg

moroccan_lantern_actualLa MaMa 2012

In Janet Sternburg’s play,The Fifth String, a long-lost family manuscript sparks a journey
across space and time. The historical musician Ziryab joins up with three couples of various ages and Señor Truco (“The Trickster”), to embody such great cultural figures as Ibn Arabi and Maimonides, as well as the Jewish and Moorish exiles from Spain and, the displaced peoples of the modern era.



Attempts on Her Life by Martin Crimp

MiraCosta 2007

Working with drama students at MiraCosta College, Rebecca introduced Martin Crimp’s experimental text to young actors through the use of text analysis, movement, imagery, and music. The actors worked with a challenging script for the first time in their careers and proceeded a piece of theatre that critics claimed:

“Johannsen has a good feel for the enigmatic material and its delicious, language-drunk text…you will be titillated, intrigued, and absorbed by this 20th century contemplation of all our worst fears and obsessions.”


4.48 psychosis by Sarah Kane

Stone Soup Theatre 2006

For her first production as director (after producing numerous critically acclaimed works), Rebecca turned to Sarah Kane’s haunting contemplation of depression and suicide. Here’s what the critics had t68697_448117166568_396994_no say:

“Her cast and direction are provocative…This is Johannsen’s directing debut. As she finishes her Ph.D. in Theatre from UC Irvine, let’s hope she devotes more time to stretching this prodigious part of her brain.”

“Johannsen’s staging of the actors flows organically from riser to steps to curtains.”

“an accessible and complex production…Stone Soup’s welcome production shows
why Kane’s bravely confrontational plays will not be vanishing from the world stage anytime soon.”

“a strangely invigorating piece of theater…what the people at Stone Soup have given us is pretty thoroughly wonderful.” –Chris Schneider, sandiego.com

“4:48 has an undeniable power…as does Stone Soup’s production.” –Jeff Smith, The Reader



The Elizabeths                     Seven Dials/JD Jones                                         London

Margaret I                             Director/Creator Elizabeth Goreman           NYC

The Fifth String                    Loose Change Productions/La MaMa            NYC

Titus Andronicus                  UC Irvine/Phil Thompson Director               California