As Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Stone Soup Theatre Company, Rebecca Johannsen’s productions earned critical acclaim from it’s inception with Ariel Doorman’s ‘Death and the Maiden’ in early 2002. Since that auspicious beginning, Rebecca produced 10 top quality productions  for the company, followed by producing Erik Ehn’s epic ‘Soulographie: Our Genocides’ project. Here’s a sampling of what the critics had to say about Rebecca’s productions:


“It is clear that Mr. Ehn has something vitally important to say and a many-splendored
voice with which to say it.” –New York Times (see full article here)

4.48 psychosis:

“an accessible and complex production…Stone Soup’s welcome production shows
why Kane’s bravely confrontational plays will not be vanishing from the world stage anytime soon.” –San Diego Union-Tribune (see full article here)

“Stone Soup Theatre Company presents a riveting, well-staged production.” – (see full article here)

“Johannsen’s staging of the actors flows organically from riser to steps to curtains…it’s a play to elicit interesting conversation on the drive home.” – (see full article here)

tick, tick…BOOM!:

“Well done and intimate…This production, so appealingly performed with uncredited10399649_57563711568_9761_n choreography, is highly recommended, even to those who think they do not like rock music.” – (see full article here)

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“Energy, Energy, Energy! tick, tick.BOOM! is a showcase for the talents of the excellent cast…Let’s rock!” – (see full article here)

Two Rooms:

“It’s a perfectly spare, compelling production, with forceful direction by Therese Schneck and outstanding performances by Paul Morgavo, Rebecca Johannsen, Landon Vaughn and Julie Sachs.” –KPBS (see full transcription of broadcast here)

Death and the Maiden:

“Ariel Dorfman’s troubling, disturbing 1991 drama, “Death and the Maiden,” is a tricky endeavor for experienced professionals, let alone a fledgling company…But Stone Soup has succeeded in drawing us deeply into the suspense…Amy Peters soars as Paullina, showing depth, range and dynamic potential.” –KPBS (see full transcript here)

“these three actors give an awesome power to playwright Ariel Dorfman’s words. The unity they create belongs to director Raimondo Genna” – (see full article here)


“Stone Soup Theatre Company made its debut with a challenging, deeply intense drama. Very risky. But thanks to some exceptionally strong performances, the risk paid off with the young theatre group gaining instant respect.” –San Diego Playbill (see full article here)

PRODUCTION                                    PLAYWRIGHT                 COMPANY

Soulographie: Our Genocides            Erik Ehn                            LaMaMa

Miss Julie                                              Strindberg                        Stone Soup/North Coast Rep

The Cradle Will Rock                           Marc Blitzstein               Stone Soup Theatre

tick, tick…Boom!                                   Jonathan Larson             Stone Soup Theatre

4.48 psychosis                                      Sarah Kane                        Stone Soup Theatre

Tongue of a Bird                                  Ellen McLaughlin            Stone Soup Theatre

Two Rooms                                           Lee Blessing                     Stone Soup Theatre

Boy Gets Girl                                         Rebecca Gilman              Stone Soup Theatre

Echoes                                                    N. Richard Nash              Stone Soup Theatre

Love’s Fire                                            Marsha Norman,              Stone Soup Theatre

Tony Kushner, John Guare, Eric Bogosian

Death and the Maiden                         Ariel Dorfman                 Stone Soup Theatre